About Us

Family owned and operated, I Love U A-Latte was started with one purpose: to serve people with delicious beverages and a comforting environment. We believe that drinking coffee is an experience that bonds a community, whether it be studying, working, or relaxing.

Moving from California to Texas was a difficult transition for our family. We wanted to become a part of the community. As students, one of the main problems we faced was finding a comfortable and quiet place to relax and get our work done. Most places nowadays are either too crowded or too spacey, and it’s usually a distraction working from home. We decided to create I Love U A-Latte with a quiet, cozy atmosphere, so people can feel like they’re at home and still be able to get their work done. This shop was created by our family, which is based on a circle of strength, joined by love. Our goal is to share that love with you through every cup of coffee and hope that you become a part of our family.

We are committed to provide you and your loved ones with utmost service, from comfortable seating to complimentary wifi. Our menu offers a wide array of high-quality options, such as delicious beverages and freshly-baked goods. Join us!